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What Is a Mini Split AC and How Does It Work?

A mini split AC unit, also known as a ductless AC unit, is an air conditioning unit that is suited for an individual space or room in your home. Examples include garage, patio, master bedroom and wine room. Homes in Coral Springs and all of South Florida may have a specific need for a mini split unit.

Both traditional central AC units and mini splits cool your home in this way: the removes humidity from the warm air, the cool low humidity air remains, and you get the comfort you need. The AC then sends the moisture in the form of condensation from your home to the outside.

The difference between them is in the delivery. Central AC units blow cool air into air ducts which then distribute that cool air throughout every room in your entire house. Mini splits blow cool air straight into the room or area where they are installed, without the use of any ducts.

Plenty of houses in South Florida are not suitable for central air conditioning because they lack existing duct work, and installing central AC would be highly inefficient, invasive, and expensive. Also, in almost every house or living space, there is inevitably a room that gets warmer than the other rooms. In this case, a mini split AC unit is an ideal solution.

Perhaps on one of these overly warm nights, you would like to sleep comfortably in your bedroom. A traditional central AC system would force you to lower the temperature of the entire house just to cool down the bedroom in which you are sleeping. After all, when you’re asleep, you won’t need the air in the whole house to be cooler—you just need your bedroom to be cooled. In this case, you would save a lot of money and be much more energy efficient with a mini split.

A mini split allows you to control the temperature for just that one room without wasting energy trying to cool down the rest of the house (which may already be cool enough or which may not get any foot traffic at the time).

A mini split is also much less invasive than installing central AC, which may require extensive installation of air vents and duct work throughout your home, essentially tearing the walls apart. A mini split is a unit that requires only one small hole in your wall, and the cooling unit is fairly small and unobtrusive when compared to what ducts and air vents would look like throughout your house.

Monar AC, located AC Services in Coral Springs, offers mini split unit to all of South Florida from manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Carrier, Gree, as well as other generic brands. So, if you need to cool down only one or two crucial areas in your home and/or your house lacks an existing network of air ducts, a mini split is an excellent, cost-effective, energy-efficient choice for you. Or, if you have that one person in the house that likes their room super cold!, we can do it without freezing everyone else. Call us to get a quote! We service the entire South Florida area.

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