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Air Conditioning Financing

There’s nothing quite like walking into a perfectly cooled home on a hot Summer day. While year-round warm & sunny weather is one of the main perks of Florida living, it can also be a curse if your air conditioning goes out, leaving you to deal with sweltering heat for an extended period of time.

If your AC gets busted, you’ll need to get it repaired as soon as possible to make your home habitable again. However, depending on the severity of the problem it can get rather expensive up front for a new unit, labor, and all other service needed to get your home cooled again. Fortunately, on top of our incredibly friendly pricing and exceptional promotions, we can also help you get the critical repairs or replacements you need on your air conditioning system right away – without the upfront equipment costs.

How Service Finance Company Can Help

At Monar AC, we understand that not everyone is able to shell out for a new air conditioning unit from their rainy-day fund. However, if you’re going to live in Florida comfortably, you can’t wait for repairs to get started. You need cool air, and you need it right away.

To help you get the repairs you need as quickly and easily as possible – without the headache and delay that securing a loan causes – we work with the home improvement financing company Service Finance Company. Service Finance Company is a FHA Title I lender who works with homeowners and contractors to allow you to finance your necessary repairs without the upfront cost of materials & equipment falling on you. Rather than taking a personal loan for home improvement, awaiting a decision, transferring the payment, and then us being able to begin the work, Service Finance Company will instead provide us with funding for all necessary work so that we can get started right away. This saves time, money (thanks to generous interest rates), and makes it simple for you to manage payments on a fair schedule by working with a single trusted lender.

How to Get Started with Financing

To receive financing through Monar AC and Service Finance Company, you’ll need to fill out an application on their website to see if you are eligible. You’ll also want to include our dealer number so they know who will be completing the work.

After being approved and having your payment terms set, we’ll receive funding to begin restoring your air conditioning to working order. This way you can live comfortably in your home, and all you’ll have to worry about is simply keeping up with your financing payments.

If you’re looking to avoid paying out the lump sum required to fix your air conditioning, you can benefit from choosing to finance with us and Service Finance Co. Together we’ll ensure that you get your AC working as quickly, affordably, and easily as possible. To get started with the application process, visit

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PACE Financing

If there’s one thing we know as Floridians, it’s that Florida can get incredibly hot. Everyone enjoys the comfortable winters, but once Summer starts to come around it can become a bit too much. While we don’t always have a pool or ocean to hop into for relief, air conditioning allows us to live comfortably (most of the time). However, once your air conditioning goes out that sanctuary disappears.

It’s incredibly uncomfortable (and potentially dangerous) to be without air conditioning when you live in a climate like Florida. If your AC unit dies, you can’t wait around for repairs – you need relief from the heat ASAP. Fortunately, with our help you can get back to comfortable living soon – but what if you can’t afford to replace your unit right now?

How PACE Financing Can Help

While repairs can often be affordable, replacing a faulty air conditioning system gets costly very quickly. The gear itself is the greatest expense, and the upfront cost of purchasing them before installation can be a bit too much to fork over suddenly for many families. That’s where PACE Financing comes in.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Funding Agency is a supplier of financing plans under their AllianceNRG Program which aims to help homeowners upgrade to energy efficient equipment to help reduce the environmental impact they have.

Through this program, once you are approved, we’ll receive the required funding for your repairs or replacements, allowing us to begin working right away. Depending on the terms of the financing agreement you secure with PACE, you’ll simply have to make financing payments over time while you enjoy the comfort of working air conditioning.

Benefits of PACE Financing

Lower Rates – The AllianceNRG Program requires no credit check, but instead requires equity in the home as collateral. This security allows them to offer incredibly low interest rates – 5.99% regardless of the term of the deal – so that financing becomes more convenient & less expensive than a personal loan.

Start Sooner – When you finance through PACE with us, you’ll cut down on the time it takes to get started. This is because PACE will work directly with us for the funding, taking a step out of the process and freeing you of the responsibility of paying upfront.

Time to Pay It Back – Perhaps most importantly, financing with PACE allows you time to pay off the cost of the repair or replacement rather than needing to spend the money out of pocket. They offer terms up to 30 years at a fixed rate, so you can pay it off on a schedule that works for you.

How to Qualify

To get started with PACE Financing, visit their website at to apply for the program. You’ll need to have equity in your home to be approved, so be sure that you qualify before registering.

After filling out your information and getting approved, you’ll be able to get the work started right away. Simply keep up with payments and you’ve got nothing else to worry about.

When an air conditioning emergency comes up, you don’t need to panic. Thanks to PACE Financing’s AllianceNRG Program, you’re able to finance the cost of repairs/replacements with us to save time and avoid the high upfront cost of new equipment.

Don’t wait – apply now and get your home back to a comfortable temperature ASAP!

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Our goal is to respond to each customer’s service call within a 24 hour time period. We are determined to diagnose the system and provide the customer with the best possible solution for optimal functioning of their system. The highest quality work will be our standard to meet the criteria for city and international code for a safe environment.

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