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Mold Remediation

Monar Air Conditioning is a Qualified and Authorized Mold Remediation Company trained to provide the PROPER remediation process.

mold remediationSince no EPA or other federal limits have been set for mold or mold spores, sampling cannot be used to check a building’s compliance with federal mold standards. Surface sampling may be useful to determine if an area has been adequately cleaned or remediate. Sampling for mold should be conducted by professionals who have specific experience in designing mold sampling protocols, sampling methods, and interpreting results.

Sample analysis should follow analytical methods recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), or other professional organizations. At Monar we are Certified and trained to remediate these conditions.

Virtually any indoor construction, remediation or renovation activity can release potentially harmful or irritating contaminants into the air including:

  • Dirt & dust particles
  • Mold, fungi & bacteria
  • Lung-damaging particles
  • Drywall & sawdust
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Paint, varnish & chemical odors
  • Smoke & smoke odors

These and other hazardous indoor air pollutants may negatively impact the health, productivity and comfort of your family. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can lead to major illness. If you are a Landlord and these conditions exist it may also lead to potential exposure to lawsuits.

Monar’s HEPA Filtration is Proven to be Effective

The effectiveness of HEPA filtration and negative pressure controls in controlling exposure to mold spores, asbestos fibers and other microscopic airborne contaminants is well documented. When properly implemented, these practices can prevent contaminants from migrating into occupied parts of a building, greatly reducing the threat of occupant exposure.

Mold Abatement At Monar Air Conditioning

Many of the mold species found in indoor environments may be harmful or irritating to those who are sensitive or allergic to them. These molds flourish and spread rampantly when food sources, such as cellulose-based building materials, come into contact with moisture. Removal of mold-contaminated materials generally requires the use of “negative air” controls and HEPA filtration to capture and contain mold spores released into the air during mold remediation.

Monar Air Conditioning high-performance air duct cleaning equipment and specialty duct cleaning tools physically remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from commercial and residential ductwork systems. These exceptionally portable HEPA-filtered air duct cleaning vacuums are designed to help our duct cleaning professional clean HVAC air duct systems faster and more efficiently.

Our Goal...

Our goal is to respond to each customer’s service call within a 24 hour time period. We are determined to diagnose the system and provide the customer with the best possible solution for optimal functioning of their system. The highest quality work will be our standard to meet the criteria for city and international code for a safe environment.

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