HVAC System Problems That Affect Employee Productivity and Health

HVAC System Problems That Affect Employee Productivity and Health - Construction Worker with Soul Patch Fixes AC Unit.

Successful Florida employers are always searching for ways to help employees improve their productivity. While the majority of productivity responsibility does fall on the employees’ shoulders, there are things employers can do to help, especially when it comes to factors pertaining to the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. That’s where we at Monar Air Conditioning can help.

If employees are frequently complaining of being too cold while at work, or if an inordinate number of employees have head colds and need to miss work, it’s time to take a closer look at your HVAC system. It could be the culprit.

Consider some of the following problems and assess if they’re applicable to your Coral Springs workplace and employees. If so, address the problems, and the productivity will most likely be back at—or even better than—the point where it needs to be.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Noticing employees with constant allergies, frequent illnesses like coughs or sniffles, complaints of a funny odor in the air, or headaches? 

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) might be responsible.

In fact, sometimes employees may be dealing with sick building syndrome (SBS). The US Environmental Protection Agency describes SBS as: 

The term “sick building syndrome” (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified.

When poor indoor air quality alone is to blame for the symptoms, a simple process of changing the heating and cooling system’s filters on a monthly basis will most likely have a positive impact. 

Scheduling professional preventative maintenance with our Monar Air Conditioning experts can make a big difference. We can help with your filters as well as check the ventilation ducts for cracks or leaks. Leaking air can add dust and debris to the air, negatively affecting the indoor air quality and employees’ health. Regular maintenance will help improve your entire HVAC system, not just the indoor air quality.

System Capacity Too Small or Too Big

Employees complaining about stuffy air or uneven temperatures throughout the Coral Springs office? 

Both of these issues can point to a commercial HVAC system that’s inadequate for the size of space it’s handling. 

Insufficient ventilation can lead to poor indoor air quality, as noted above, and too much airflow can lead to drafty or cold areas. (Of course, uneven temperatures could indicate cracked ductwork as well.) Either way, employees are not going to be at their optimum comfort, affecting their productivity or health. Get it evaluated by one of our professionals.


Annoying banging noise causing employees to move from their offices to get work done? 

Sometimes a broken part can be caught in the system. Besides affecting employees, it could further damage the system. Call in one of our Monar Air Conditioning professionals to address it as soon as it’s noticed.

No Regular Maintenance Schedule

Seeming like one HVAC system problem is fixed and then there’s another? Or one obvious problem is fixed but your employees are still constantly walking around coughing and sneezing? 

Maybe there’s more than one thing that needs addressing. All concerns might well be prevented simply by getting your heating and cooling system on a professional preventative maintenance program. 

Having your system thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tuned up regularly by an HVAC professional can alert you to potential problems before they become bigger and more expensive—and, more importantly, before they affect your employees. The ideal working environment in Florida is supported by HVAC system that is safe, healthy, and clean.

We Are Here for All Your Heating and Cooling Needs

A commercial HVAC system has a major impact on a Coral Springs, FL workplace and its employees. Employees’ productivity is increased when they’re healthy and content, which can translate to a better bottom line for you. Call Monar Air Conditioning at 954-650-1930 or request service online to talk to one of our highly trained professionals about any issues you are experiencing or to schedule an appointment today. 

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